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Event Nannies


Our Event Nannies package was born from client feedback

Event NanniesA number of clients require childcare for their event, yet some cannot afford a fully operational mobile crèche or some simply don't require the full service.

Providing a nanny for your event is a set fee

The nannies are charged out at a set fee and with exception of insurance there are no additional costs.

The main aim of an event nanny is provide childcare for a maximum of 3 children per nanny, yet unlike babysitting, the children can be from different families. Event nannies can look after children in a number of different environments and can take the children out into the grounds of the venue for playtime.

Do event nannies bring equipment?

Clients are asked to either provide toys or ask the children to bring along their favourite activities. Our event nannies do not carry equipment or toys and therefore parents must be informed to provide everything from the toys through to the practical items such as food, drink, nappies, etc.

Send an enquiry for a no obligation crèche quote

All we require from each parent is a completed child registration form so that the nanny in charge is fully informed about their likes, dislikes and any medical conditions to enable them to give each individual child the best care possible.

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